This is a work in progress game project I’m working on. I originally created it during my Masters to test the concept of an exploration and puzzle solving game that involves creating music and rhythm from objects in the environment. The original version was created in the Blender Game engine but I’m now working on a second version in Unity.  I’m involved with developing the concept, designing the interactions and recording the sound to creating the textures, effects and writing python scripts to enable more complex and subtle interactions. It’s been a real challenge to try to take the different themes and ideas of the concept and implement them in a way that makes the game accessible while also having mystery and subtlety.

Judging from the feedback I’ve had so far it seems to have been successful despite needing a bit more story to guide the player along. I was reassured however that people were able to get through the game without too much difficulty even though it tells you very little. The lack of on screen help was a conscious decision to see how far you can get away with allowing players to discover for themselves what they should be doing and although the balance is not right yet, it’s good to know that it is generally working! Anyway, here’s a trailer for the game.

and here’s a few more gameplay screenshots.


Here’s a walkthrough of the Blender version of  the  game…

and an early rough test running in Unity.




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