• Lead Character Artist  
  • Lead Character Animator  
  • Joint Lead Background Artist  

Art Brief:

  • Create a visual style that is distinctive, energetic and fun.
  • Create character designs for 13 mutant types and animate them.
  • Create character designs for 15 human types and animate them.
  • Create tile based urban environment art representing a suburb that is damaged and overgrown after years of neglect.

 My main focus was to contrast the mutant and human visual styles so the mutants were completely angular in design with comically large chomping mouths and expressionless faces to make them look more intimidating.  In contrast, the human characters had a softer and rounder appearance with masks to protect them from the toxic air and contrast with the gaping maws of the mutants. Finally the humans have visible eyes and expressions of fear to emphasize their vulnerability. Below are my designs for the human characters, the smaller mutants and the ‘boss’ mutants.

 I designed the animations to be expressive and accentuate the personality quirks of the characters  such as the ammo guy juggling grenades to pass the time. I designed death animations for the mutants to be exaggerated, varied and comical such as the Ogre character’s head dropping off before his body falls on top of it.

The two videos below show my character animations and some clips of them in the environments with my death animations and effects work.

I developed a blocky retro style for the background art to suit the characters but with more of a textured look to allow for suitable details such as damaged roof tiles and wall vines. I created the Tile set for the houses which had to be scalable in order to allow for different shapes and sizes of buildings. I also created the damage and foliage artwork that could be applied over and around the houses.


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